The information in these pages is based on our own experiences leading up to our retirement in April 2009 and then in the period since then when we have lived on board our boat and travelled around the UK.

We don’t in any way regret choosing to live this way even though, as in all things, there are ups and downs. One of the pleasurable surprises for us has been the kindness and generosity of people we have met along the way, total strangers acting naturally to help us along our way. Such behaviour is the norm rather than the exception and it has helped us restore our faith in humanity. We are grateful to all those who have shown an interest in what we are doing.

We hope that what is written here can in some way be useful or informative to others. We are always learning, of course, and would welcome the views of others who have undertaken similar journeys to ours. Please feel free to use the ‘Contact us’ page to do this.

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