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Memories from Kate

On this day last year we were experiencing an awful time.  A day which would last forever, during which we could do nothing, concentrate on nothing other than our son undergoing his life-saving operation.

Mike & James at home

Our thoughts were focused on him as together with the prayers and thoughts of all our friends and relatives they formed a powerful engine, or so it seemed.  We sat in the hotel room, mentally and emotionally exhausting ourselves, doing nothing.

The surgeon phoned Malcolm on his mobile at about 9 pm to say that he had done his part and that another surgeon was now at work.  Much later we were allowed into a theatre room to peep at him in his unconscious state, to kiss his head and tell him how much we loved him.This kindness really overwhelmed us, they had given us a few minutes before he was taken off to intensive care to begin a determined recovery which has brought him to today, to a new life with his girlfriend and her son, his house next door to us where he can chill out and get his energy back and the latest boost to his independence, his car.  This car is very impressive but the joy of it is that he can get in and drive off to pick up his small family, go shopping or drive through our lovely part of the world.


I don’t usually write blogs, Malcolm does it so well, but this one is a thank you for the last couple of years which included Malcolm’s Mum’s illness, my melanoma diagnosis and the terrible disease which afflicted Mike.  Every word and gesture of support from those we know very well and those we don’t know so well have mattered to us and carried us through.  Our lives have changed and will do again but we value every day and what it brings.

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2 Responses to Memories from Kate

  1. Hey Ma, i feel very privileged you welcomed myself and james in to the family and i am utterly grateful that you took such amazing care of Michael resulting in us being able to have a life together, we love you all very much and are looking forward to crazy future we shall all have 🙂

  2. Graham & Cheryl

    Kate (and Malcolm)
    lovely to read how things have worked out in the last year for Mike and family and great to see Mike looking so well now. Best wishes Graham & Cheryl

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