Retiring aboard

In the years leading up to our retirement and subsequent life aboard a sailing boat we tried to plan ahead and anticipate our future needs and requirements as best we could. Questions like ”Where do we want to sail to?’, ‘How long will are we prepared to be at sea?’ and ‘Are we physically prepared for living on a sailing boat?’ all had to be answered as well as the more basic one, ‘Can we afford to do this?’.

Reflecting on our own experiences during this time, there is much that we learnt as a result of going through this period that others may benefit from. Although much of the guidance we can now give is not greatly dissimilar to that given to anyone retiring from work – and there are plenty of resources available for those in this position – such advice tends to be rather general. What we now know is that there are specifics that relate only to those planning a retirement that involves living aboard a boat, either permanently or partially. This is what these pages focus on.

What follows is a framework which includes very obvious things that others may have already thought of but also some things we only realised as we went along. We had to work out many things for ourselves – what to do and how or when to start. We hope that by setting these out here we might make life simpler for others whose lives follow a similar course to our own.

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